It is time to refocus on ourselves.

One of the concepts that gave rise to the Italian Renaissance was to consider the human being as a measure of all things, as a measure of the universe, where everything is present in us and where we are a microcosm that is identical and a measure of the macrocosm.

This appreciation of the human being as a being on which creation is centered led to the exploration of every angle of knowledge, and by a principle of balance led to the development of a conception almost contrary to Enlightenment, a movement that was characterized by stripping the human being of its pedestal and position in its place absolute reason, which to be absolute must lack all human characteristics.

Today we have reached the summit of this ideology and we are living its last consequences. This irrational worship of absolute reason is the source of a world that wants to be an unfocused reflection of the real world. A substantially dead world but full of Golems, animated beings without a soul, and where everything is artificial. A world where there is less and less room for human beings, where everything that makes us human is rejected and denigrated, almost as if it were a disease.

After centuries of distilling the technique so that it is at the service of the irrational absolute reason, we are about to create a pseudo-artificial intelligence, of pseudo-transcending the biological human being with transhumanism. We have seen for dozens of years the robotization of the majority, forced to work in an infinite cycle of repetition of actions that reciprocally feeds each other in a closed cycle of: effort – consumption – need – lack – vice. With the result of devaluing and nullifying the human essence and preventing it from finding and developing the true reason for being present on this plane.

Now the cycle comes to an end. The parasitic energies that up to now sustained this state of affairs are now in check, and will soon disappear completely.

It is time to unite to create a new humanism, a new paradigm, where the human being is the measure of the universe, where the human being is recognized as the creator of value and he is the source of value. Where cooperation is the basis of society, where we all form community networks and where we finally know that we are the creator and the creator is us, where the embodied essence is free.