• New Paradigm •


We all have the feeling that there is something deeply wrong in the world and we do not know that it is substantially up to us to have delegated all aspects of our life to others who use this power in their favor and against us. Is now time to claim our full responsibility and became the conscious creators of our own reality.






Self-Determination Process • Activate Natural Law

Beginning of the process of expansion of consciousness, understanding the value of one’s own existence at an energetic and legitimate level. Discover the deception of the legal name and begin to dissolve the explicit, implicit, conscious, unconscious, energetic and legal contracts that constitute the basis of the current system of covert slavery of humanity. Develop the first tools to be able to defend ourselves against attempts to abuse the system and acquire the focus and self-confidence to sustain the changes that will currently constitute the New Paradigm.

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The Name

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